About Me

„Mountains are my life …

… and it’s the greatest luck being out there with my friends and family. Testing my limits is my great passion, but not everything in life. Having fun in what you are doing, is the most important thing.“

Raised in the Ramsau in the area of Berchtesgaden with a perfect view on the 2.713m Watzmann peak, the mountains have not only been Antons home and his source of power, but since an early age they have also been his playground. The mountains are a constant challenge. Whether ascending them as fast as possible with skis, on foot or as far as Toni is concerned, the steeper the better.

As one of the world’s best ski mountaineering athletes and as an internationally successful mountain running athlete, whatever the season, Toni will find a way to charge uphill.

Since finishing school and his apprenticeship as mechanical engineer, Toni is now an army athlete and member of the German national team in skimountaineering (DAV) with a focus on professional alpine sports. Hardly a day goes by when he’s not roaming the mountains for training, or taking part in competitions around Europe.

And despite his young age, Toni is well known as high-flyer of the scene with a firm grip on reality. For all his ambition, having fun and a joy for nature have always been at the heart of his sport. So much so that his family and friends are now sharing his passion, helping to add some extra training to his schedule by taking part in some climbing and mountain biking.

His sporting goals are always high, and for Toni, there’s no trail too steep and no downhill too fast.

A life without mountains? Not an option for Toni!

Anton „Toni“ Palzer

11 March 1993 in Berchtesgaden


Ski Mountaineering, Mountain Running

Ski Klub Ramsau

Other Sports
Biking, Climbing, Alpinism