Mountain Running

„The steeper, the better“

Initially mainly practiced for training purposes for the winter season, mountain running has evolved as Anton’s sporting passion in summer. Over the last few years Anton made himself a name in the mountain running scene.

In 2012, he achieved his first international success at junior level by winning the silver medal at the Mountain Running European Championships. It was the first European individual medal for the DLV, the German Athletics Federation, in Mountain Running since 2005.

2013 at the age of 20 he became German champion at the traditional Hochfelln Race and could place himself among the top 10 in a strong international starter field alongside reigning World and European champions.

In 2016 at the „Red Bull Dolomiten Mann“ event Anton scored the 2nd best time in the running competition and proved once again that he can compete with the world’s best.

2017 Toni became 2nd at the prestigious Hochfelln-Berglauf, a race of the WMRA Mountain Running World Cup.

2018 he became 2nd at the Großglockner Berglauf, WMRA Mountain Running World Cup

2019 he won the 15k prologue at the prestige adidas Infinite Trails

2020 Toni tied his own speed Record for the famous Watzmann-Crossing. He managed the alpine route of 23 kilometers and 2300 altitude meters in only 02:47 hrs.

Mountain Running Competitions

A mountain run is a running competition with large height differences. Typically, a mountain peak or a marked elevation is the goal of the race or needs to be passed before reaching the finish line. The track often follows trails and paths, sometimes concrete roads.

Mountain running is based on the goal to reach the finish on the defined path as quickly as possible. Mountain races take place in a variety of distances and terrains. Distances range from short 15-minute sprints to long trails of several hours. Competitions can be pure uphill or uphill / downhill races.

Career Highlights


1. Place 15k adidas Infinite Trails
2. Place Red Bull Dolomitenmann (Teamevent 2nd best in running)
1. Place Red Bull 400, Titisee
1. Place Untersberglauf, AUT


Speed Record Watzmann-Crossing in 03:06:55 hrs.
1. Place Drei Zinnen Alpine Run, ITA
1. Place Untersberglauf, AUT
2. Place Großglockner Berglauf, WMRA Mountain Running World Cup
3. Place Red Bull Dolomitenmann (Teamevent 2nd best in running)
3. Place Red Bull 400 Worldchampionships


2nd Hochfelln Berglauf, WMRA Mountain Running World Cup
5th place Red Bull Dolomitenmann (Teamevent 3rd best in running)
1st place Red Bull 400, Bischofshofen
Vice-Worldchampion Red Bull 400, Tittisee

1st place Red Bull Dolomitenmann (Teamevent 2nd best in running)


German Championships
2013: 1st, German Championship, Hochfelln-Berglauf

Bavarian Championships
2013 1st, Bavarian Championship, Jenner-Berglauf

World Championships
2012: 6th place, U20, ITA
2010: Silver, Junior, Team, SLO

European Championships
2012: Silver, U20, TUR
2011: 5th place, U20, TUR