Ski Mountaineering

„Being out there in beautiful nature on skis
– it doesn’t get any better“

Anton lives and breathes ski mountaineering.

Anton tried alpine skiing for the first time with the age of three. As son of a passionate and successful ski mountaineer, Anton did his first ski tour when he was seven and was fascinated about that sport. 2009 at the age of 16 Toni came in first at the German ski mountaineering championships. Since that time Anton is well known on the international stage. 4 years in a row he was unbeatable in the Junior ski mountaineering World Cup and demonstrated his strengths by winning several Junior and Espoir World Championship and European Championship titles.

In 2014 Toni started for the first time in the senior class. Various top five places as well as one place on the podium resulted in the 6th place overall.

In 2015 Anton won his first World Cup Race in Puy-Sant-Vincent in the individual  and managed two more podiums the same weekend in the sprint and vertical race. He crowned the season with becoming Vice Worldchampion in the vertical race in Verbier.

In 2016 Toni proved his all-round talent by winning several World Cup podiums in all three disciplines resulting in a 3rd place in the Overall World Cup ranking at the end of the season.

In 2017 Toni beat the record time at the prestigious Mountain Attack in Saalbach and by becoming Vice Worldchampion in the sprint race and bronze medalist in the individual race Anton established himself among the world’s best allround skimountaineering athletes.

In 2018 he was standing two times on top of the Worldcup Podium, winning the Vertical World Cup Races in China and Andorra. With solid points in the rest of the races Toni claimed this season the Vertical Overall World Cup, the first small crystal globe of his career.

2019 Tonis strong season results in a 2nd place in the Overall World Cup ranking, as well as in the Vertical Overall World Cup, based on two World Cup wins, another WC podium and solid rankings in the top 5.

2020 most of the competitions got cancelled due to Covid. But the season was highlighted with two top 5 positions at the first ever ISMF World Cup in Germany, in Toni’s hometown Berchtesgaden. As local hero he was the main testimonial of the event.

2021 Toni crowns his skimo career with another Vice-Worldchampion in the vertical race in Andorra. After 12 years of competing in ski mountaineering Toni kicks off his new adventure as a cycling Pro in the UCI WorldTourTeam BORA-hansgrohe, starting April 1st 2021.

Ski Mountaineering Competitions

Going uphill with ones own power and skiing downhill preferably through untracked powder.

Ski Mountaineering competitions require strong stamina, but also technical skiing and mountaineering skills for ascents, carrying and climbing passages and descents in high alpine regions up to 4,000 meters of altitude. 

  • Ascent on skis and skins on marked tracks
  • Change from ascent to descent requires dexterity and speed
  • Descent on marked off piste routes
  • Against the clock, crossing the finish line
  • No technical aids, only muscle strength, endurance and dexterity
  • No traces after competitions

Since 1988, ski mountainneering is organized in the ISMF (International Ski Mountaineering Federation) and seen as an official sport in 30 countries around the world. The ISMF is the host of international competitions, such as the annual World Cup season as well as World Championships and European Championships in 2 year intervals.

The German national team, is run by the DAV, the German Alpine Association, which organizes the ISMF Worldcup stages in Germany and the German Championships.

Classic events such as the Patrouille de Glacier (CH), Pierra Menta (FRA) or Tour du Rutor (ITA) are considered the season highlights. Five-digit attendances are common in these races, which are summarized as La Grande Course.

1893 first competitions were held in Germany and became popular as “military patrols” in the following years. Military patrol was an official event at the Winter Olympics from 1924 to 1948.

Ski mountaineering is aiming to become Olympic in the Olympic Wintertages 2026. In 2020 ski mountaineering was already part of the Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne.

Competion Formats:

    • Individual Race: Ca. 1.600 metres in altitude, in ascent and descent
    • Vertical Race: Ca. 1.000 metres in altitude, ascent only
    • Sprint Race: Short distance parcour including ascent and descent
    • Team Race: Ca. 2.000 metres in altitude, each in ascent and descent. Teams composed of 2 athletes, team partner need to jointly pass the finish line
    • Relay Race: In teams of 4, each athlete performs one round and passes over to the next starter of the team.


Cadets 15 – 17 years, Junior 18 – 20 years, Espoir 21 – 23 years, Senior  21 years and above

Career Highlights

ISMF World Championship

Vice World Champion, Vertical

Vice World Champion, Sprint
Bronze, Individual

Vice World Champion, Vertical (Senior)
3x World Champion Espoir, Individual, Vertical & Sprint

Several titles in Cadet and Junior Category

ISMF European Championship
Bronze, Individual
2x European Champion (Espoir), Individual & Sprint

4th Individual & Vertical (Senior)
2x European Champion (Espoir), Individual & Vertical

Several titles in Cadet and Junior Category

ISMF World Cup

2nd Overall World Cup
2nd Overall World Cup Vertical
WC podiums: 1x gold, 1x silber

Overall World Cup Winner – Vertical
WC podiums: 2x gold, 1x silber

WC podiums: 1x gold

3rd Overall World Cup
WC podiums: 1x gold, 1x silber, 2x bronze

WC podiums: 1x gold, 3x silber

6th Overall World Cup (Senior)
1st Overall World Cup (Espoir)

2010 -2012
Cadet and Junior Overall World Cup Winner

La Grande Course Rennen
2015: 3rd Adamello Ski Raid
2015: 3rd Trofeo Mezzalama

German Championship
2016-2018: German Champion, Individual
2013-2017: German Champion, Vertical
2010: German Champion, at the age of 16 years!

2017: 1st Mountain Attack
2015: 1st Sella Ronda Skimarathon